Why some women are so bad at communicating with men in tech

A lot of women don’t know how to say “no”, says tech entrepreneur and writer Sarah McNeil.

McNeil says that’s why she doesn’t want to be a woman in tech.

McNeill is the author of The Power of No: The Art of Not Giving Up and The Power to Be a Man.

Her book has become a best-seller in her home country of Australia, where she lives.

McNeils book, released in March, includes a chapter called How to Be Good at Communication, which outlines how to be better at communicating.

McLean says the book is for women, but for men, it is useful to understand how women are perceived in tech and what they’re being told to do.

“The more people that understand the power of being a man, the better,” McLean said.

“Women are perceived as being too sensitive and controlling.”

McLean also says it’s important for men to understand the role of women in tech, which she believes is not as much an issue for women.

“There’s a misconception that women are too passive and too scared of men,” McNeil said.

“[We have to] show men that we are capable, that we can communicate with them, that the technology is safe for us.”

Women are less likely to be invited into meetings, according to McLean, but that can be a good thing.

She says the best way to build trust and rapport is to have a good rapport with people.

“If you’re not making eye contact, if you’re too serious, you’re going to get distracted,” she said.

Mclean said there are a number of ways to build a good working relationship with a man.

“It’s not always about what you say, or what you’re doing,” she says.

“Sometimes you can be nice and helpful and you don’t have to be the perfect listener, but if you get to know someone you really like, you will feel good about them.”

I think we’re all in this for the right reasons,” she adds.

Mcneils book is available for purchase at the company’s website.

In the U.S., it’s available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

You can also find her on Twitter at @SarahMcNeil.

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