Video game industry is in crisis

Video game knowledge is a big part of the industry.

But it’s not without its problems.

The industry has been beset by a string of high-profile problems, from poor quality video games to a lack of diversity in the field.

This week we look at the issues behind video game industry problems, and what can be done about them.

Video game industry troublesThere are a number of factors at play here, but the main ones are:• Lack of diversity: This is perhaps the biggest issue in the industry today.

It’s been the biggest cause of the lack of diverse game developers, as it means there’s not enough developers of different backgrounds.• Low standards: There are many games on the market that look identical, but they’re made by different studios.

This is because it’s too hard to create a game for different tastes.• Unnecessary complexity: It’s not just the game’s complexity that’s limiting, but also the way developers create games.

The more complex the game, the more time it takes to produce.• A lack of community: The lack of developers, and the difficulty in finding them, have meant that games are largely created by a small group of people.

In addition, the industry is currently heavily dominated by men.

There’s no denying that video games are popular, but there’s also no denying they’re difficult.

The problem with gamesThe problem is the same across all forms of media.

There are, for example, many video games where the main characters are female.

But while they’re created by women, they’re not really female.

Some of the most popular games are also the ones where men are the protagonists.

And the male-dominated nature of the games has created a problem for women, as the majority of gamers don’t identify with either gender.

This is why the industry needs to do a better job of recruiting and retaining women.

There needs to be more women in the business.

And it needs to develop more diversity in its staff.

But there’s one issue that’s far less of a problem.

Video game developers have traditionally had a difficult time finding qualified people.

Many games are made by small teams, with less than a dozen people on staff.

This means that developers can’t find qualified people who have the skills to create games with their own unique style.

In some cases, they have to resort to hiring a “crowd-source” to help them find a qualified person.

The problem is that it’s difficult for people with less experience to help.

So, what can the industry do to attract more qualified people?

Some of the biggest efforts have been to increase the number of women in games.

But this is a lot easier said than done.

The lack of a strong, dedicated female voice in the video game business is a huge problem.

For example, in games like Angry Birds, it’s a huge part of what makes the game fun.

It allows the player to interact with the bird, and it’s also used in a lot of other games.

But women aren’t the only ones that have been a problem in video games.

There’s also a lack in diversity in games themselves.

There is no “male” or “female” avatar for most games.

This can lead to a sense of exclusion, as many people simply feel that a game is “male and female” as opposed to what they want to see.

The issue with female characters in video game historyIn the past, the male protagonist was often the focus of video games, but this has changed a lot in recent years.

The biggest changes to female characters have been in recent titles like Tomb Raider and Uncharted.

These games, and others like them, feature a female protagonist.

This, in turn, makes them much more accessible to women.

But it doesn’t mean that female characters are always good.

There has also been a number games that have struggled to feature strong female characters, due to the difficulty of making them appealing.

The biggest problem with female protagonistsThere’s an argument that if a character is appealing, it should be the main focus of the game.

This makes sense, since the main character should be more interesting than the background character.

However, it also means that if the main protagonist is good, the background characters are less interesting and the main player has to spend time watching them.

It’s also important to point out that it doesn

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