The Russian knowledge experiment

The Russian government’s knowledge experiment is not only a way to gain political power but also to increase its own.

Here are some of the key findings from a new study that shows that the Russian state’s most-powerful citizens believe that their country is better than the U.S. or Western Europe.

Read more: The study, released Tuesday by the Harvard Institute for International Studies (HII), looked at attitudes toward knowledge, and whether Russian citizens have confidence in their country’s knowledge.

Russian President Vladimir Putin, in a speech to a meeting of the Russian Academy of Sciences, said: I am convinced that we are smarter than we are known to be.

Our country is not just better than Europe.

Our system is superior.

We are better.

Our way is superior to Europe.

In fact, our system is not inferior to any other country.

So the only question is: Do you think we are superior?

So, the more that you know, the better, the less time you have to spend thinking.

In other words, it is a way of putting your faith in your country.

“We can tell how much your country is doing well,” the authors write.

“If you believe that your country’s position is better, and that it is doing a lot better than you think, then that is not a reason to be skeptical of it.”

They also find that the more time you spend thinking, the worse your confidence in Russia is.

They say this suggests that the Kremlin’s ability to convince people is being undermined.

“For the first time, we see that the Russians believe that the system is better,” said Alexander Nastashenko, one of the authors.

“This is a big change.

I think it is the beginning of the end for the Russian system.”

The Russian authorities have previously been accused of suppressing or even outright lying about the quality of their state’s knowledge and technology.

In November 2015, Russian President Dmitri Medvedev, who was then serving as Russia’s prime minister, said the country’s scientific research and technology “is not as advanced as in Western Europe, not as good as in America, not even as good or as advanced.”

Russian authorities did not respond to questions about the new study.

The new study follows a similar survey of U.K. citizens by the London School of Economics, which found that U.k. people believed they had a better understanding of the country than Americans.

In 2015, the British government published a new report on U.s. and Western Europe’s knowledge of science and technology, saying the U,s.

had “higher” levels of expertise than the two countries.

(The British government did not answer questions about why it chose to look at U. S. and European research.

) The new research was conducted by researchers from HII and the University of Cambridge.

Its findings were published in the American Political Science Review.

In it, the authors say that Russian citizens are much more optimistic about their country than Western Europeans are.

“Our results suggest that this confidence may be driven by a desire to increase their own political power, which is one of Russia’s most important strategic interests,” they write.

This optimism may also be related to Russian President Putin’s efforts to improve the quality and quantity of information coming into Russia.

“People perceive that Russia has improved,” the researchers write.

That could explain why the Russian government, which claims to have the world’s most advanced information infrastructure, seems to be more optimistic than its Western European counterparts about its knowledge.

“Russia is seen as a leader in information and knowledge technologies,” the paper says.

“The Russians have been leading in information technology for quite a while now, but now it appears that they have a lot to gain from this.”

They conclude that the success of Russia is not simply about its information and technology output.

“A large part of the increase in confidence is related to the way that the state communicates its knowledge and experiences to the public,” the study says.

That is, Russians believe their knowledge is more accurate than their Western European colleagues.

“They are also more confident in their knowledge, both in general terms and in particular fields,” the report says.

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