How to Get Better at the New IBM Knowledge Center

By James WalkerEditor August 07, 2018″I am not the only one who has an idea about how to make the best use of the IBM Knowledge center.”

– J.J. Abrams, Star Trek franchiseThe first time I saw the IBM InfoSphere, I immediately fell in love.

I have used the IBM system in a few business settings over the years, but it was the first time in years that I felt confident enough in the capabilities and ease of use that it made sense to use it. 

The InfoSphere is essentially a giant virtual desktops that sit on a networked network of servers.

As you log in to the InfoSphere and access information on your corporate network, you’re prompted to choose a topic.

There’s an overview of what’s being discussed, as well as some useful links that can help you learn more.

The first step, however, is to get the InfoCenter running.

The setup is simple. 

First, you select the topics that you want to study and then select the relevant sections.

Then you click on the blue “Go” button to open up a new tab where you can browse through the topics. 

After you’ve completed your first section, you’ll need to complete a few more tasks. 

You’ll need a laptop to access the InfoSpace, and you’ll have to download the software and install it on your machine. 

Finally, you need to choose an environment.

I chose to use an IBM InfoPad that is equipped with a virtual desktop, which is an optional upgrade that allows you to run multiple windows simultaneously on your system. 

As you can see in the screenshot below, I’m using an InfoPad to browse through a list of topics and then start my first section. 

Once you’ve installed the software, you can start up the InfoLab, the InfoViewer, and the InfoBook and browse through various sections. 

For instance, I was able to get a sense of how to use the IBM web interface, how to add a new section, and learn about the history of a particular subject. 

However, the real fun begins when you choose a subject.

I decided to focus on the philosophy of science and technology and work on that. 

In this section, I learned about the origins of the concept of the atom and how that relates to the modern world.

The InfoSphere will also teach you how to create your own section, including topics that were created by IBM itself. 

I learned about what happens when you’re asked to create a section, how you can add links, and how you get started. 

With this section complete, you’ve got a solid foundation in what information is being presented to you. 

Then, I could dive into topics like “Theories and concepts” and “Science and technology in general.” 

I was able, however I also learned how to write my own articles and how to search for information. 

There were several sections in this section where I could explore and add links to other sections.

For instance, if I wanted to learn about why the world is the way it is today, I had to start from the top. 

Additionally, I also got to know more about the concepts of relativity, quantum mechanics, and cosmology. 

While the InfoPage is a great way to learn, I think it would be even better to learn from others.

I created an account for my students that has allowed me to create and share topics on topics that I’ve not personally studied. 

This is where the InfoShare is a big difference in using the InfoPath. 

At the end of each lesson, I’ve sent a notification to the students who completed the section that I found them to be well-suited for future learning. 

What I love about this method is that I can have my students work on topics they are interested in, then I send a reminder message that they have finished. 

Since the InfoSite is not as easy to use as the InfoFeed, I prefer to use other tools that are designed to be used on a daily basis. 

Now that I know how to access and use the InfoSpread, I can look forward to exploring topics that are more in my comfort zone. 

Posted by James Walker at 8:52 PM

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