BDO, IBM, HP and others share a trove of knowledge

BDO and IBM are on the list of global experts sharing more than 2.3 billion personal data, including a trove that could potentially help solve global health problems, a company spokesperson has confirmed.

Key points:IBM shares a trove with IBM, BDO shares a batch of information with BDOSource: Data Security and Privacy Association (DSPA)The data was shared with IBM for the first time in February 2018, when it was shared as part of a shared set of knowledge base information.DSPA says the information is part of the global knowledge base and has been shared with other major companies.

It has been “a very interesting process, and I have no doubt we have a lot of other partners with similar experience sharing some of the same data”.

In March, the company also shared information about its global network of doctors, which could help in developing new medicines.

The information could be used to make medicines and diagnostics, but it could also be used for security purposes, DSPA’s director of global health and innovation, Stephen Kelly, said.

“It’s really a global network, it’s not just about us,” Mr Kelly said.

“It’s a shared global network that is used by all the other partners around the world.”

“It really highlights how much more information you can share.”

Mr Kelly said the information shared was not limited to IBM, but could also come from other companies that did not have access to the information.

“We’ve had information shared in the past and this is the first information that is shared with BDT, BHV and others,” he said.

The shared data includes information about patients, medical conditions, tests, procedures and healthcare services, as well as the location of the patient, Mr Kelly told ABC Radio Canberra.

“This is just a sample of what’s out there and it’s also the knowledge base that has been built up from the previous two years of data sharing.”

Dr Kelly said it was a valuable data set that would help with the development of new medicines, and would also help scientists develop new ways of protecting patients from infections.

“These data sets, which are the foundation of medical research, are so important for us to understand what’s happening in our bodies and our diseases,” he told ABC News.

“They also serve as a valuable source of research to get to understand the mechanisms of disease and to build a better understanding of the underlying mechanisms of diseases.”BHV is the second global health organisation to share the information, after the UK’s Department of Health, which has shared data for the past seven years.BHVS data is not only shared with the rest of the world, but also with a wide range of countries including the US, Australia, New Zealand and India.

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