How to tell if your NHL team is legit

By Joe MacDonald, EditorThe NHL is going through a tough time right now with its players, but it has plenty of time to come together.

The league announced today that it has suspended four players from the 2016-17 season for failing to take a mandated drug test.

The suspensions come a day after the NHL issued a statement announcing it was suspending three players for the past two seasons for failed drug tests.

The players involved are forwards Tyler Ennis and Tyler Bertuzzi, defenceman Ryan Ellis, and goalie Jhonas Enroth.

They are among the league’s top scorers this season, and the suspension will have no effect on the team’s playoff chances.

“These suspensions are necessary because players who failed drug testing for banned substances will be required to take additional drug tests, and that will impact the quality of their performances and the ability of the team to compete for the Stanley Cup,” NHL executive vice president John Collins said in a statement.

“The suspension is appropriate and in line with the NHL’s continued focus on enhancing our drug policy.

We will continue to do everything we can to ensure the safety and welfare of our players and fans.”

A total of 16 players failed drug test tests for a total of 30 different substances in the 2016 regular season.

The suspensions were handed down by commissioner Gary Bettman in response to a request by Commissioner Gary Bettmans’ office to suspend the players indefinitely.

The NHLPA, the NHL Players Association, the National Hockey League Players Association and the Players’ Association of Canada also filed a request for a hearing to examine the suspensions.

A number of teams have been linked to suspensions in the past.

In the 2015-16 season, the New Jersey Devils were accused of using performance enhancing substances, but that wasn’t the case for all players.

In 2015-18, the Tampa Bay Lightning were linked to suspended players in a series of incidents, but those allegations were later dismissed.

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