How to use Wikipedia to help you learn basic Wikipedia knowledge

I know it’s a bit of a hassle to keep track of all the different articles and articles you have to read on the internet.

So, instead of wasting your time scrolling through every article that has anything to do with your field of study, I figured I’d make this handy guide to help.

Read on to learn how to use wikipedia to find out more about your field.


Check out the wiki and what’s under the hood.


Search for a topic and see if it has a wiki page.


Check the wikipedia page to see if the article you are reading has a link to the wiki page of the topic you are researching.


If it does, then you know what to read next.


Check if the page has a wikipedia link to that page of interest.

If not, then don’t bother reading the wiki.


If the page is still blank, then it probably has no wikipedia article to read.


If there is a wiki article about that topic, then follow the link to find more information about the topic.


Check wikipedia’s main page for a wikipage.


If you are still not sure what you are looking for, go to the topic of interest and search for that topic’s wikipedia entry.


If none of those options work, you can still do a little digging by typing in the search query to find other people’s articles that match your query.

You can also search for a specific keyword by typing a word like “word” into the search box, and then searching for a word in the Wikipedia search bar.


To use the search functionality of wikipedia, simply type the word you want to search into the box at the top of the page and then click on “Search” at the bottom.

You will see a search box where you can enter a search query, which is then displayed to you.


If a wikipeach is available on the wiki, you will see the search results, which are a list of the articles that have a wikimedia page related to the search.


When you find an article that you want, just click the “Share” button to add it to your Wikipedia page.


When someone has added you to their wikipedia account, you’ll see their username and avatar in the bottom right hand corner of the screen.


Once you add them, you need to tell them that you are an active member of their wikipeace, and you want them to add you to the group.


When the user adds you to an existing group, you should click “Share”, but they need to click the button that says “Add a friend”.


The “Add friend” button will appear on the right hand side of the window.


When they add you, they need your username, and password.

If they have not provided your username and password, then they are not an active wikipeader.


You need to create a new group, which can be done by clicking on the “Create new group” button at the lower right corner of this window.


Then, you must give them a name and a password.

You do this by typing the word “name” and “password” into each field, then click the green “Edit” button.


Next, you want the user to click on the icon next to the name field, and click “Add”.


If your name and password are the same, then the group should be added automatically.


You must click on another “Edit icon” to add the user’s username and then password.


Once a group is created, you don’t have to worry about joining it.

Once everyone is added, you are now a member of the group and can add others as well.


To add new users, simply click on one of the green “+” buttons on the top right corner and choose “Add new user”.


The next time you click on that green “+”, the user will be asked to add their name, username, password, and email address.


Once your name, email, and other information are in order, click “Create account”.


Once the account is created and your username is selected, you have now signed into your account on wikipedia.


You’ll now be able to add new members to your group by clicking “Edit members”.


Once an individual is added to your membership, you may edit them by clicking their name in the upper left corner.


You should now see a message like this on your screen: “You have joined wikipedia and are now viewing the pages of this group.”


To leave a group, click on a group icon on the bottom of the wikipages screen.


To delete a member from your group, simply clicking

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