Why is this blood gang knowledge book banned in Australia?

What is this book about?

Why are they banning it?

Blood Gang: The Untold Story of a Blood Gang in the Australian Capital Territory (ABC TV, 6 November, 2017)Blood Gang is a book that tells the story of the Blood Gang, an organised crime group that has been linked to a range of violence in Australia, including murder, manslaughter, attempted murder and attempted robbery.

The ABC has obtained copies of the book, which is based on an unpublished article by journalist, Paul Collier, published in the September 2017 edition of the Journal of Criminal Justice and Criminal Research.

The book has been banned in all state and territory prisons since September 2017.

But why?

Professor Collier’s article was published in an article entitled ‘An ancient Australian blood gang: Blood in the blood’.

“It has been widely recognised that there are significant links between the Blood Group and a range.

of serious organised crime, including organised crime rings, drug trafficking and violent crime,” Professor Collier said.”

There is a wealth of information on this subject available in scholarly journals and on the internet.”

But there are also serious concerns about its accuracy and the implications for the protection of other Australians, particularly those who work with the Blood.

“Professor Colliers article is a well-documented case of an article published in a peer-reviewed academic journal, which appears to be inaccurate in many respects.”

Professor Collers article was the first to publicly allege that the Blood was a criminal group in the Northern Territory, but a further investigation later found no evidence to support his claims.

“This is not to say that Professor Colliers report was the last word on the subject,” Professor Michael Macke said.

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