Military leaders warn of ‘critical’ impact of COVID-19 on readiness

Military leaders from across the world are warning of a “critical” impact of the coronavirus outbreak on readiness.

They warn that as the pandemic reaches its peak, the threat of further outbreaks will grow as soldiers are put on full alert.

The chiefs of US forces in Europe are also urging caution ahead of the first coronavivirus test results coming in. 

The US Army’s European Command said that while the global pandemic had been slowed by a strong US response, the virus has continued to spread.

It said it was working to maintain “a robust readiness” but warned: “Coronavirus will continue to pose a significant threat to US forces across the globe”. 

The chief of the US Army Europe, General Curtis Scaparrotti, said on Tuesday that US troops in Europe should be prepared for the threat posed by the coronivirus. 

“Our military readiness has never been stronger and we will continue the robust and successful response we have built in our Europe region to the threat,” he said in a statement.

“We will continue our aggressive focus on combating the coronovirus threat, including in Europe.”

US troops have been deployed to Europe since the end of September and have had to be reinforced in several key areas, including training, equipment and training staff. 

Coronacovirus: The facts behind the headlines Coronal mass coronaviruses (CMCVs) are viruses that can spread through air, water, soil and food, but they also cause damage to the lungs, brain and central nervous system.

The first symptoms of a CMCV infection are fever, headache, muscle aches and a cough.

Symptoms may not last for weeks or months, and are usually followed by an attack of a cold and flu-like illness. 

Although the coronas are not dangerous, they can cause severe health problems. 

A coronaviral infection can be treated with antibiotics or antiviral drugs, but many people are not taking them. 

If a CVC does not respond to an antibiotic treatment, the immune system can be attacked by other viruses. 

Scientists are trying to understand how coronaviris work and what causes them.

In a report published in the Lancet medical journal, scientists said the virus was not an isolated or new strain of coronavire. 

They said they were also still trying to identify how coronas cause respiratory infections, but there is a good deal of evidence suggesting that they are caused by a single virus. 

Experts are concerned that the coronases could spread into people’s blood and infect their organs, but some studies suggest the risk of that happening is much lower than previously thought. 

This is a developing story and we’ll update as more information becomes available.

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