‘The knowledge arena is like a war zone’: What the world needs to know about the UK’s new science and technology funding

News of a £25m investment in the UK to boost the UK Science and Technology Facilities Council’s funding, coupled with other moves to promote science and research, is a sign of how science and innovation is still at the heart of the UK economy.

In a letter to the BBC News website, the government said the £25 million investment would help improve access to high quality scientific research, which is needed to build an economy that works for everyone. 

The announcement comes as a growing number of British companies are pushing for funding to be used to create jobs in science and engineering.

A recent report by the Office for National Statistics said there were more than half a million scientists and engineers in the country, with an average age of 27.3.

Around one in five scientists and engineering students is employed in the research and development sector, with many doing research for a living.

In the last financial year, the UK was among the top six countries in terms of research funding, with £3.5bn going to science and science-related activity, according to the Office of Science and Innovation.

The BBC News article reported the money will be invested in research projects and new research and mentoring for science and tech workers.

The £25-million investment will help develop and support the science and technologies sector.

It is one of the first significant investment by the UK government in the science sector, which employs more than 200,000 people in the whole of the country. 

“Science and technology provides a broad range of knowledge and skills to the UK, with its unique strengths in design, innovation and applied research,” the prime minister said in a statement.

“We recognise that our government is the only country in the world that is in the lead in developing a new generation of technology that will help us achieve our ambitious ambition of being the global leader in science.”

“We need to be ambitious about our science, but also ambitious about how we fund it,” he added. 

Science funding will be targeted at creating jobs in the sciences, education and the service sector, and will be matched by the support for research.

In addition to the £5m investment announced today, the chancellor will announce a further £5 million funding for science research, to be funded by the Government’s Science and Industrial Strategy.

The BBC News story, entitled ‘UK science funding to target jobs in UK, science and education’, said the government had pledged to match funding to support the creation of thousands of new science jobs, which are crucial for a country that has a high proportion of its workforce in science.

A number of new initiatives will be announced over the coming weeks, including a new £1.5 million fund for research, research partnerships and technical and business support for companies in the areas of biotechnology, robotics, artificial intelligence, healthcare, environmental health, food and drink, food processing and manufacturing, materials science and manufacturing and materials research. 

The prime minister is set to make his first major public announcement on the £24bn science and business funding announcement later this month.

Last month, it was reported that UK companies are seeking to expand into the science of their own, as research continues to move in that direction. 

This article originally appeared on The Lad blog

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