When Google Gives Its ‘Knowledge Panel’ a Makeover

New York, NY–June 13, 2018–Google has been updating its Knowledge Panel to reflect a broader social and cultural shift in the digital age.

The redesign includes a new title, redesign of the content, and new social sharing tools that are designed to make sharing knowledge more accessible and useful.

“This is an important evolution,” said Alex Giambrone, VP of Product at Google, in a blog post announcing the change.

“We’re trying to do more with less.”

The redesign of Knowledge Panel has been in the works for several years and was originally conceived by Google engineers in partnership with the Google Ideas team.

“Knowledge is a way to share information, to help us build our product and to be able to see how our users and communities are using it,” said Google Ideas lead designer Tom O’Connor.

“It’s an important way to make sure we’re not losing too much of the original purpose.”

The new redesign includes more information and information that is easy to read and understand.

It also introduces new sharing options that enable users to see and share their own content, such as a “likes” or “follow” feature that gives them an easy way to connect with friends.

Google is updating the Knowledge Panel by adding a new social media icon to its bottom left corner.

It is the first time that the new icon has been displayed on the Knowledge panel in the Google app.

The icon is based on the color of the Knowledge tab on the left side of the screen.

The redesigned Knowledge Panel can be used on the web, as an app, or on your mobile device.

To access the new information, tap the icon on the bottom right corner of the home screen.

Users can also access the revamped Knowledge Panel through their Gmail inbox.

The new information includes: Topics Topics include: People, Places, and Things, People, People and Places, Things and Places.

Links Links include: News, Events, Books, Videos, Blogs, and Photos.

Topics Topics are organized by the topic type: People (people, places, and things), Places (people and places), and Things (things and places).

You can also filter topics by category or by location.

Links can also be filtered by user’s name.

Topics and links can be edited.

Topics are grouped by topics and by topics groups.

The most popular topics are listed in a color coded list, and you can select from different categories for a topic.

Topics can be filtered for specific people, places or things.

Topics groups are organized into subgroups.

Subgroups are related topics that can be grouped together in a topic group.

Topics in a subgroup can also have their own topics groups and topics groups are groups of related topics.

Topics Groups include: Places, People Topics in the Places category include: Things, Places and Things.

Topics about Places, Places or Things in the People category include the following: Things (people), Places and Places (places), Things (places) and Things in People (places).

Topics about Things in Places in the Things category include all of the same topics as the Places, Persons and Things categories.

Categories Categories are grouped together by topic type.

Topics, subgroups and topics are grouped into categories.

A category can have more than one topic.

Categories can also share content that is similar.

Topics grouped by topic types can share content in the same topic groups.

You can search for topics in a category.

For example, if you search for “cars,” you will see a list of topics grouped by type.

A subgroup of topics can have their topics groups linked together.

A topic can have a topic groups linked to it.

You have the option to sort topics by date added, date added last, or the most popular topic.

When you filter a topic for a particular topic group, you can filter for other topic groups and topic groups with similar topic groups by date or by time added.

Topics with similar topics groups can also include other topics with similar date added.

You also can sort topics using a dropdown menu.

Topics that share content similar to topics groups will appear on the top right corner.

Topics have an icon on top of the topic groups that shows their content and can be sorted by date, by topic groups, or by topics.

Subgrouped topics can be ordered by date last, by date first, or from the most-recent to the oldest.

Topics from subgroups can be separated by the subgroup separator and an icon in the upper right corner to indicate which subgroup to start from.

Sub group content can be searched using the “Search topics” tool in the top left corner, or it can be listed in the sub group search box.

A “Related” button will appear below a topic in the topic group search results.

This button lets you sort topics in the relevant subgroup by topic or by date.

If a topic contains multiple topics, a link to that topic will be shown in the search results for that topic

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